Stash provides a multi-layered software architecture that enables advanced customised platform solutions. Our technology focuses on program performance and offers an individualised purpose driven approach.

Through the use of an intuitive digital platform, Stash is engineered to enrich the user experience with personalization at every touch point that is supported with global reach.

Stash has a unique value proposition by embracing the latest consumer trends and converging next-gen payments with the latest in marketing technology.


The Stash global payment network provides dynamically selected and market specific incentive options.

Incorporating Mobile Wallets, Digital Open Loop Prepaid Cards, Digital Store cards, QR Codes and Coupons it adapts to evolving market needs.

At the centre of our technology are our AI and machine learning tools to dynamically optimise your program with real-time analytics.

Our intuitive communication solution offers gamification, social network, and chatbot to deliver a ubiquitous customer engagement experience.

Payment Network.

Having harnessed the rapid evolution of Fintech and creating a unique value chain in the process, Stash provides a mobile first solution that offers limitless reach for your program.

Stash has established a comprehensive network of payment partners to service all corners of the globe.

With over 10,000+ digital partners across many markets, no other provider has the ability to customise incentives with your brand at the same scale.

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