Global payments

Our mobile first payment system provides a dynamic selection of market specific solutions that includes Mobile Wallets, QR Codes, Digital Open Loop Prepaid Cards, Digital Store cards.


Embracing the most advanced forms of communication tools available, Stash provides a seamless connection with your audience. We optimise engagement through a combination of gamification, learning tools, social network, chatbot and traditional points of contact.


Stash has created technology architecture with security at the forefront of our design. Our Security Management Systems cover Product, System and Data protocols. Our modular design and muti-tiered administration systems provides data segmentation and program isolation.

Marketing Analytics & AI

Stash utilizes the power of data, AI technology and machine learning to dynamically evolve your program. Stash is able to modify your program in real-time and present payment options at an individual level. With the use of OCR, Stash is able to rapidly increase customer eligibility and reduce processing costs for programs of any size.

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